This site contains information about my publications, and about what I am currently working on; and I might even add the occasional blog… When I retired from University College Dublin and started living in London I got involved in several projects, of an either historical or science-fictional nature: there are brief introductions to these under the Projects tab above. The Bujold book is published; Fantastic London is in abeyance; I am working on the Great War project very sporadically; and soon I shall be putting all my efforts into Gregory of Tours, while also trying to finish the Letters project. I have had various minor projects over the last year, which are mostly finished; however, quite a lot of the last year was spent moving to Stoke-on-Trent, so my old by-line “Early medieval historian, science fiction and fantasy fan, immigrant Londoner” will have to go. While waiting for something to happen on my pages, you could try Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers in the Great War. There won’t be anything on Gregory of Tours for some time.

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  1. Welcome to the blogosphere!

  2. Rebekah Memel Brown says:

    Not sure exactly whatyou mean by direct involement in the war, e.g only in combat.
    That seems like a very short sighted and rigid definition. If your husband was killed in the war and that is non involvement, that is, forgive me for saying so, a VERY male centered concept
    George Sylvester Viereck and Hans Heinz Ewerts worked as Germany agents and were imprisoned for their work
    Check also Gustav Meyrink and Paul Busson

    • efjames says:

      Thanks for this. Yes, when I tried to put in women writers whose direct connection with the war was through their dead husband or lover I was shouted down as being so totally male-centred that I would only allow women in because of their menfolk. I caved in. I did not know about Paul Busson: thank you–I shall look him up. Gustav Meyrink and Hanns Heinz Ewers are already there.

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